Japan and the EU: In the Home Stretch

Japan and the EU: In the home stretch - Export to Japan

Blog | Thursday 26 February 2015

Hannah Perry of UK Trade & Investment's Marketing Department takes an in-depth look at the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, and what UK businesses can expect once it has been finalised. 

Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers - Export to Japan

Blog | Wednesday 14 January 2015

Sue Kinoshita, Director of UK Trade & Investment, reflects on the extent of group socialisation in Japan and how this impacts on doing business.

Trainspotting & Time Travel

Trainspotting & Time Travel - Export to Japan

Blog | Wednesday December 2014

UKTI Marketing Department’s Charlotte Griffiths takes a step into Japan’s future and considers how the UK can help build it.

Japan: Sporting Chances

Japan: Sporting Chances - Export to Japan

Blog | Friday 28 November 2014

Charlotte Griffiths from UKTI’s Marketing team delves into Japanese rugby and what opportunities there may be for British businesses around upcoming sporting events in Japan.

Scary Business Lessons

Scary Business Lessons - Export to Japan

Blog | Thursday 13 November 2014

UKTI Marketing Department’s Charlotte Griffiths looks past the fake blood and fangs of Halloween in Tokyo to learn a little more about the Japanese market.