Government Procurement in Japan: Obstacles and Opportunities for European SMEs

Download EU-Japan's report and learn about how European SMEs can implement changes to help them win public procurement contracts in Japan.

Government Procurement in Japan: Obstacles and Opportunities for European SMEs - Export to Japan

European SMEs Can Overcome Obstacles and Win Government Procurement Contracts in Japan 

MINERVA Research Fellow Lyckle Griek's report looks at the non-tariff barriers that often prevent European SMEs from participating in government procurement in Japan. 

It also attemps to to unlock information about public procurement in Japan, which is beneficial for SMEs and other parties. 

The existing systems currently vary in their administrative procedures, and are often specific to each procuring entity and each type of contract. There is little to no information provided in foreign languages, and there is no distinction present in the handling of larger or smaller tenders, placing an administrative burden on suppliers and for SMEs in particular. 

The report covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Problem statement and aims
  • Methodology & Scope
  • Present activities of EU-companies in government procurement
  • EU-headquartered companies active in Japanese procurement 
  • Tendering process 
  • Preparatory phase 
  • Classification methods
  • Impact of supplier qualification systems
  • Tender information access
  • Tendering phase
  • Discussion of obstacles
  • Language
  • Information access
  • Standards & Licences
  • Policy environment
  • Structural barriers
  • Discussion of opportunities for European SMEs 
  • Recommendations and conclusions
  • Recommendations for European SMEs
  • Recommendations for EU Commission
  • Recommendations for Japanese government 
  • List of Japanese-English translations 
  • Selection of EU-headquartered companies active in government procurement
  • Explanation of application guidelines for Unified Supplier Certificate
  • List of links with information on Public Procurement
  • WTO thresholds applied by Japan 
  • ID-card systems 

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