Japan's Space Plan: Production Schedule & Project Timeline

Japan Basic Space Plan: Production Schedule and Project Timeline - Export to Japan

If “Knowing is half the battle”, then this document will help to get you halfway to victory. Get a leg up on the competition in the space sector with this highly detailed production schedule – over fifty pages in length and available in English for the first time. This document will tell you what the Japanese space programme is planning to make, when it is planning to run each project, and who is in charge of each project.

A Practical Guide to Japan

A Practical Guide to Japan - Export to Japan

Download our in-depth practical guide to Japan so you can prepare for your upcoming business trip without the stress. Topics covered include accommodation, getting around, connecting to Wi-Fi and some useful Japanese phrases for business.

The New Basic Space Plan and the Japanese Space Programme

A Changing Spacescape - Japan's New Basic Space Plan and the Japanese Space Programme - Export to Japan

At the beginning of 2015, the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan published a new Basic Space Plan, ushering in a radically new direction for the Japanese space programme, especially around the use of satellites for defence and security and the commercialisation of space technology. Find out more about the new capabilities Japan seeks to develop and identify opportunities for your company to enter the field.