A Guide to Japanese ↔ English Translation

This in-depth report contains information about the subtleties of translating materials for the Japanese market. Use this guide to help you enhance your brand and be successful in Japan. 

A Guide to Japanese ↔ English Translation - Export to Japan

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One recent study of English language proficiency among nations ranked Japan at number 26, between India and Italy, and behind countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

While it is true that many Japanese people can understand written English thanks to a strong emphasis on reading and grammar in school, localizing technical and sales literature is essential as you move into the Japanese market.

What’s more, well-translated material will enhance your brand, while showing sincerity and commitment. And, of course, it reduces the chances of miscommunication that might lead to delays, errors, and costly patch-ups.

This report will provide you with information to help you make decisions about translating if you are aiming for market entry or expansion in Japan. 

Topics covered include:

  • An introduction to Japanese ↔ English translation
  • Key translation tasks
  • An overview of different types of translation providers, including pros and cons
  • Managing your translation project
  • Hiring an interpreter

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