Japan is the world's 3rd largest market in terms of shipment and production of chemicals. The chemicals industry adds value worth approx. £100 billion a year to the economy, and is the largest of all manufacturing industries in Japan. With £15.3 billion spent on R&D, Japan is open to innovative and high quality products, technologies and services. 

For UK companies this means opportunities in pharmaceuticals and energy (eg. power generation, fuel cell batteries etc.), as well as demand in the purchase of innovative products and technologies, in-licensing of innovative proprietary technologies enabling them to differentiate the products from competitors, outsourcing production of specialist chemicals and scope for joint R&D opportunities. 

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Industry Insight: Chemicals Sector In Japan

Industry Insight: Chemicals Sector In Japan - Export to Japan

10 May 2014

Chemical companies here have been shifting from manufacturing commodity products to high value-added specialty chemicals, in particular for the booming pharmaceutical sector, which offers opportunities for British firms in the outsourced manufacturing of active ingredients and intermediaries, according to the London-based Chemical Industries Association. 

Abenomics And A More Open Japan

Ken O'Flaherty, Head of Prosperity Department at the British Embassy Tokyo, explains the recent changes in the Japanese market as a result of bold economic policy initiatives, famously coined 'Abenomics'.

Wondering what 'Abenomics' means for your business potential in Japan? Find out about the recent changes the Japanese market has seen under the current Shinzo Abe government and how UK companies can benefit from these bold economic policy moves. 

Finding the Best Route to Market in Japan

Export to Japan - Finding the Best Route to Market in Japan

When you are confident of your market potential in Japan, you will want to find out the best way getting to market. Here we cover the general information you will need to consider when you plan your market entry strategy.